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Musicology B.A.

Musicology at LMU

The Bachelor degree program in Musicology at the LMU imparts fundamental knowledge about music, above all in its historical and cultural dimension, and should lay the foundations for academic examination of music from the most diverse epochs, styles and origins.

The degree program at the LMU is conceived in such a way that it covers the whole of the history of western music from the Middle Ages to the present and central themes of systematic musicology. Thus, it provides a comprehensive overview of the history of music, combined with in-depth knowledge of the foundations of compositional techniques (composition theory, theory of harmony, counterpoint, modern composition techniques) in order to be able to make music accessible analytically. With courses on academic methodology and on the various fields of Musicology, it is ensured that the students receive thorough methodical training, which they can utilize in different fields of employment and can themselves later expand with independent study

Vocational knowledge can be acquired in the “Applied Musicology” module and, in particular, in the elective modules, in which there is a choice of various practical, linguistic and career-related courses: language acquisition (Italian or Latin); introduction to cultural administration; work experience; music lessons.

On account of this breadth, the B.A. degree in Musicology opens up various fields of work (such as in press and public relations, editorial departments, publishing companies and archives or in event management) as well as the possibility of following on with continuative Master degree programs. Various Master degree programs are on offer in Munich: in addition to the academically oriented MA in Musicology (LMU, in development), for instance, Music Journalism and Cultural Administration (e.g. at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München (University for Music and Performing Arts)), Dramaturgy (MA in Dramaturgy, LMU/Bayerische Theaterakademie, in development) or Music Education (LMU, in development).

On the website of the institute you will find a table presenting the study program (PDF, 19 KB) as well as a sample schedule for the Musicology B.A. program (PDF, 110 KB) at LMU.

Choosing minor subject

The Musicology Bachelor degree program in Munich consists of a major subject worth 120 points, which is combined with a minor subject worth 60 points.

Possible minor subjects:

Language requirements

Courses are carried out in German. All foreign-degree applicants must prove their proficiency through an approved German language certificate (level B2).On the main LMU website you will find more information on accepted language certificates and on German language courses.

Application and admission procedure

Studies can only be started in winter semester. In order to study Musicology applicants must take part in a procedure to assess their suitability in addition to the central application to the LMU. In the aptitude examination, the candidates must demonstrate knowledge of general music theory and the ability to formulate observations about a piece of music.

General information on admission and enrollment you will find on the main LMU website.