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Art Education B.A.

Art Education at LMU

The subject matter of the B.A. in Art Education is the manifold areas of mediation of art and the practice of art in our society. To this end, the degree program combines the study of the arts with practical artistic and didactic training; however, the work on subject-specific theory and the students’ own artistic work are always closely linked. Thus the students acquire both academic discursive abilities and mediation skills and artistic skills in different fields.

Practical training is given in the following fields:

  • creative visual arts (drawing, painting, printing, collage, sculpture),
  • crafts (with clay, wood, metal, paper, textiles),
  • new media (photography, video, computer graphics),
  • technical and detailed drawing.

Since the horizons of the subject of art education have broadened in different directions, the degree program focuses on particular areas of the subject. Thus one area of emphasis is new media, the development and spread of which currently allow new artistic and creative forms to come into existence and have a decisive influence on the modes of access and mediation of art. In the same way, the emphasis on visual theory is consistent with the field of focus of art education which extends beyond the visual arts.

There are seminars on topics concerning didactics, art mediation, analysis of works and media, and art history. In addition to traditional seminar rooms, the institute also has several drawing and painting rooms, workshops for the various types of material and media, a screen printing workshop, a photographic laboratory and a slide library.

On the website of the institute you will find a table presenting the study program for the Art Education B.A. program at LMU.

The Institute of Art Education is planning a Master degree program and a PhD program in art education to continue on from the Bachelor degree. The planned Film and Culture Master degree program at the Department of the Arts might also be of interest.

Choosing minor subject

The Art Education Bachelor degree program in Munich consists of a major subject worth 120 points, which is combined with a minor subject worth 60 points.

Possible minor subjects:

Language requirements

Courses are carried out in German. All foreign-degree applicants must prove their proficiency through an approved German language certificate (level B2). On the main LMU website you will find more information on accepted language certificates and on German language courses.

Application and admission procedure

Studies can only be started in winter semester. Since the Art Education degree is an artistic degree program, in addition to the central application to the LMU there is also a procedure to assess the suitability of the candidates. The selection procedure for the subject of Art Education consists of a preselection of the applicants, a practical examination and an oral examination. The applicant submits a portfolio with his/her own artistic work for the preselection procedure.

General information on admission and enrollment you will find on the main LMU website.