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"Art, Music, Theatre" - B.A. minor subject

"Art, Music,  Theatre" at LMU

The minor subject “Art, Music, Theatre” for Bachelor degree programs imparts basic knowledge about art, music and theatre and other areas of the Arts and thus offers a broad range of teaching, which complements and extends the study of the major subject.

The courses on offer enable the students to tackle the history, analysis, methodology, theory and aesthetics of a broad range of artistic and cultural phenomena. By means of the integration of art education and music education components, the study of the Arts is enriched with practical artistic and didactic elements.

At the same time, the incorporation of different approaches and the integration of new discipline-specific and interdisciplinary methods ensure that the students acquire application-oriented, broad specialised knowledge that they can utilise for various fields of employment and, with a view to the major subject, can broaden with independent study.

"Art, Music, Theatre” as a minor subject gives the students the possibility of designing their study of minor subjects within the framework of the Bachelor in a way that spans the Arts disciplines and, depending on their interests and specialist orientation, focusing on particular areas within this field. The flexible structure of the minor subject “Art, Music, Theatre” permits the students to either concentrate to a large extent on one of the participating disciplines: Art history, Art education, Music education, Musicology and Theatre studies, or to implement a combination of a variety of these subjects.

A sound knowledge of English is generally necessary for all students. Moreover, students who wish to focus on Musicology should have basic musical knowledge. Students who opt for the practically oriented art and music education modules should possess the relevant artistic aptitude. This can be determined by means of aptitude tests.

On the website of the institute you will find a table presenting the study program as well as a sample schedule for the minor subject "Art, Music, Theatre" B.A. program at LMU.

Subject combinations

It is planned that the minor subject “Art, Music, Theatre” [60 ECTS] will be able to be combined with all the new Bachelor degree programs from the Humanities and Cultural Sciences.

Information on possible subject combinations.

Language requirements

Courses are carried out in German. All foreign-degree applicants must prove their proficiency through an approved German language certificate (level B2).
On the main LMU website you will find more information on accepted language certificates and on German language courses.

Application and admission procedure

Studies can only be started in winter semester. There is no aptitude test procedure and no admission restrictions for the minor subject.

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