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Art History B.A.

Art History at LMU

The degree program provides broad basic knowledge of Art History, which is imparted, in particular, in the form of introductory lectures divided into epochs, with accompanying preliminary courses and tutorials:

  • As early as in the preliminary courses in the first and second semesters, an introduction to the specific working techniques and academic methods of Art History is offered and put to the test in assignments.
  • In the subsequent phase of more in-depth study, the ability to critically tackle the subject and its topics is trained and academic work is practiced in method- and theory-oriented lectures and advance seminars. The broad spectrum of introduction to specialist knowledge and academic work facilitates a meaningful continuation of the studies within the scope of the subsequent Master degree program.
  • In addition, in the bachelor degree program the foundations for the professional practice of art history activities are laid and connections are made to future occupational fields in so-called practice modules. Contact with possible occupational areas and the practical fields of work associated with Art History are made through targeted integration of practical and practice-oriented activities (such as vocational modules) during the bachelor degree program. The information imparted in seminars by non-university lecturers about jobs in the field of the preservation of monuments and historic buildings or in museums, as well as in the private sector (art management, art-dealing, art journalism and publishing etc.) should enable career entry for precisely those students who are aiming for the bachelor degree as their only degree.

Overall the Art History Bachelor degree program promotes independent work and communication of results, with particular expertise in dealing with traditional and new media. The specific design of the Bachelor degree program in Munich covers all eras of art history and, in addition, conveys knowledge about non-European and, in particular, Islamic art.

On the website of the institute you will find a table presenting the study program as well as a sample schedule for the Art History B.A. program at LMU.

The prerequisites for a successful degree are an interest in art history, a basic understanding of the historicity of culture, and receptiveness for objects that are experienced visually.

Choosing minor subject

The Art History Bachelor degree program in Munich consists of a major subject worth 120 points, which is combined with a minor subject worth 60 points.

Possible minor subjects:

Language Requirements

Courses are carried out in German. All foreign-degree applicants must prove their proficiency through an approved German language certificate (level B2).
On the main LMU website you will find more information on accepted language certificates and on German language courses.

Application and admission procedure

Studies can only be started in winter semester. General information on admission and enrollment you will find on the main LMU website.