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Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies

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The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies is a joint institution of the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich and the University of Regensburg. Faculty from the Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences participate in the Graduate School. They share a research focus on Eastern and Southeastern Europe or on the relations of other parts of the world with this region.

The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies aims to create an ideal framework for outstanding PhD projects on Eastern and Southeastern Europe in the humanities, cultural studies and the social sciences.

Its academic program is based on the understanding that modern Area Studies can contribute greatly to the comprehension of historical and contemporary processes of globalisation. Analyzing the results of the specific practices of appropriation or rejection of global processes in Eastern and Southeastern Europe is a central concern of the Graduate School. The research projects will distinguish themselves through innovative theoretical frameworks and methods, as well as thematic originality. They will fall within three broad, interdisciplinary fields of research:

  • Origins and forms of social and political change
  • Cultural systems
  • Infrastructures, migrations and transfer of knowledge

Among the central goals of the Graduate School will be the exploration of interconnections within Eastern and Southeastern Europe as well as beyond these two regions. This is why further Area Studies will be included (Sinology, Japanese Studies, Turkish Studies, North American Studies, and European Studies). The Graduate School will advance an “integrated Area Studies” approach, taking on a pioneering function within East and Southeast European Studies and initiating a debate about the methodological foundations of Area Studies.

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